Hospitals, clinics & doctors

At peritus Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH our team comprehensively advises all people working in the medical field, doctors, hospitals, clinics as well as patients regarding all medical and organisational aspects.

  • Labor law in clinic and practice
  • Liabiliy for medical malpractice
  • Drafting and optimization of treatment and employment contracts
  • Support on restructuring
  • Advice in tender processes
  • Compliance consultancy and risk management
  • Regulation of and defence against and assertion of liability claims.

We hold (in-house) seminars on the above aspects as well as on other topics.

Your contact:

Rechtsanwalt Heck

Harald Heck

Certified Specialist Attorney for labor law and medical law
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Wolfgang Popp

Dr. Wolfgang Popp

Certified Specialist Attorney for medical law and banking and capital market law
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